The Camp Holly Aquifer, which is the source of our water, has been flowing consistently sweet, cold, and clear for thousands of years.  Native American artifacts discovered onsite suggest that our water was enjoyed long before settlers chose it for use as military encampments during the Revolutionary War, The War of 1812 and The Civil War.


In 1923, the Clark family began distributing Camp Holly spring water in the Richmond area.  In 1954, Roland Dowdy purchased some of the springs and entered the market in 1962, supplying water to the Broad Rock Water Company.  In 1967, the Dowdy family established their own company and named it Diamond Springs.


Since then, through a series of acquisitions, sales and associations, the company has evolved to its present place in the industry.  As a private label bottler we supply distributors throughout Virginia and across the eastern seaboard.  Our bulk water is prized by bottlers who recognize the appeal that the naturally pure water has to their customers.


Deep in the earth, nature nurtures and protects the water as it slowly filters through layers of rock and sand, until it emerges from the springs, unusually low in minerals and dissolved solids.  We have continued this protection by keeping the surrounding land forested and by enclosing and sealing the source.


There is a family pride which has carried from generation to generation and has resulted in a dedication to surpass all regulatory requirements set forth by the industry and government agencies.  That pride is shared by employees who have demonstrated a loyalty and concern greatly exceeding the normal.


Our plant utilizes state-of-the-art, stainless steel equipment, including custom built additions to the line, which have been designed and engineered especially for our operation.  This provides a process unique to us.  A glass-enclosed bottling room is supplied with air, which is filtered and sterilized to guarantee that nothing can endanger the pristine quality of the water.


Constant monitoring is done, on site, in our laboratory, to ensure the fastest possible testing results.


Our automated bottling operation eliminates human handling as much as possible to avoid accidental contamination of the product and the possibility of container damage, but the importance of inspection by experienced personnel is never neglected.


Simply said, we have been “Blessed With The Best" and would like to share it with you.


If you have any questions, please call us at (804) 795-2096 or email us at  Thank you for visiting!

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